Grow Your Business Through Seamless Automation

I will streamline your workflows, automate repetitive tasks and remove tech overwhelm

So you can…

  • Concentrate on giving your clients an unparalleled experience.
  • Go on holiday (without your laptop).
  • Feel like you gained back 10 hours of your week.

Whether you need Dubsado help, assistance streamlining operations or some regular tech support in your business check below to see how my services will help you.

Power Hour


Tap into my tech-savvy brain as we put our heads together to sort out your most pressing issues, concerns and questions. Maybe you need recommendations or quick troubleshooting?

Whatever you need, we’ll jump on an hour-long call where you’ll have my expert advice and hands-on support on anything systems, tech or automation related.

You’ll walk away with clarity, confidence and solutions.


My dedicated time for 1-hour

1:1 recorded Zoom session

Action-oriented discussions and immediate answers

What we discuss is up to you. Previous Power Hours have worked on…

  • Best tools and platforms for specific purposes
  • Reviewing Dubsado workflows
  • Training on online software (Mailerlite/Kajabi/Thinkific/ClickUp etc)
  • Email marketing segmentation & automation


Dubsado Help, Power Hour, Annabel Watters


Systems Set Up

(Dubsado, MailerLite, Kajabi, Clickup and similar software)

Get more done, serve more clients and reclaim your time by putting the “busy work” aside. If you’ve ever reached the end of the day and wondered what you achieved, you’re not alone.

Create systems that automate your daily and repetitive tasks to save you hours every week.

From Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project management and onboarding to social media and emails… the list really is endless.


Complete system setup of your choice

90 min workflow mapping call

Access to my content bank of emails and questionnaires

Email copywriting

On-brand platform design

Workflows and automation

PM dashboard setup

Offboarding call and tutorial

30 days of support to fully integrate with your software

*Inclusions change depending on the setup package

Tech Bundle

You don’t have to do it all on your own.

If you find yourself constantly bogged down with troubleshooting, lost in endless Youtube “how to…” rabbit holes, always in need of Dubsado help, or juggling countless tech tasks, it’s time to pass the baton.

Hire my expertise in 5 or 10-hour blocks or opt for a monthly retainer bundle.


Flexible options: Choose from 5 or 10-hour blocks or monthly retainer packages

Kick-off call to discuss your specific needs

A skilled tech expert on your team

Efficient issue resolution: Experience quick and effective solutions to your problem

Completion of your tech and support to-do list

FROM £40 P/H

Getting Started is Easy

An automated and calm back end creates a seamless and professional front end.

Schedule a call

When you’re ready to step up as the CEO and employ your systems to do the heavy lifting, fill out the form HERE to schedule a discovery call.

I’ll work my magic

You’ll have my dedicated support to map out your systems and processes, simplify your to-do lists and create the foundations for scaling. My flexible support packages, mean, I work with you where you need it most.

Save countless hours

Whatever your tech woes, I’ll get to work in the backend of your systems to streamline, supercharge and automate them to be the hardest worker in your biz.

We’re all about working smarter, not harder over here. You’ll notice instantly how much more time you have and will never wake up at 3am again wondering if you sent off that client booking link.

Still, have questions?


How long does it take to implement?

The Systems Set Up packages involve a 30-day turnaround for implementation with an extra 30 days of support included.

How much time is required on my end?

The process is collaborative, requiring you to complete an onboarding form and an implementation form. You will need to be available for the 90 minute onboarding session as well as testing of the platform. We then meet for an offboarding call which includes training on understanding the system. 

Is support provided after the project is finished?

It sure is! You get 30 days of included support in the System Set Up.

I need help setting up a program I don’t see listed, can you help with those?

Most likely! As a tech expert, I love diving into the backend of businesses. If you need support with a program or system that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always excited to explore new technologies and find solutions that suit your specific needs. Let’s chat and see how I can assist you.

Do unused retainer package hours carry over?

I value your investment and want to ensure you receive maximum benefit from your retainer package. Before the month ends, I’ll let you know how many hours you have remaining. 10% of the total hours can carry over into the next month.

Annabel Watters, 5 Star reviews (1)

"I can't believe the difference this Dubsado setup has made to my day-to-day life."

“I am taking a couple of days off this week and I have no anxiety about how this will impact my business. You have made Dubsado easy for me to use and understand and for that I will be grateful. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Doyle

— Sarah Doyle | The Better Life Project

Annabel Watters, 5 Star reviews (1)

“Honestly it was the most worthwhile power hour I have ever done"

“Annabel helped me fix my Dubsado niggles which saved me loads of time trying to troubleshoot the problem myself. She also also gave me loads of ideas of ways to make my workflows work even better for me. Honestly it was the most worth while power hour I have ever done so thank you!”

— Liz Mosley | Graphic Designer

Not sure which service is right for you?